Rejected New Yorker Pieces Accepted by the New Jerseyan

administration articles bank black and white
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‘Did You Know That The Statue of Liberty is Really in New Jersey and The Delaware Water Gap Isn’t Anywhere Near Awful Delaware:’ How I Use Facts to Mask my Social Anxiety at Manhattan Dinner Parties
Gaba-Ghouls and Other Halloween Costume Ideas
My Turnpike Exit Number Might as Well be a Scarlet Letter
The Path to Enlightenment is a Jughandle
I’m Sitting Across From You on the New Jersey Transit and I Can’t Take the Eye Contact
Delaware is Inferior
It’s a Town Full of Losers and I’m Pulling Pork Here with Vin
Paramus is Spanish for ‘For Card Games’ and Other Translations
Best Secret Cameos of the Jersey Devil in the Sopranos
Embarrassing Times I Thought I was Yelling at Chris Christie but it was Just Dave
WaWa Bada Bing Bon Jovi!!!!!
Rejected New Jerseyan Pieces Accepted by the Lesser Delawarean

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