Ways to Drop the Hint that You’re Looking for a Thanksgiving Dinner Invitation

chicken close up dish food
Photo by Public Domain Pictures on Pexels.com

Invite your closest friends over to watch Home Alone. Say, “Wouldn’t it be sad if this happened to me on Thanksgiving?”

Tell your friends, “I love playing charades and was thinking of organizing a game for a group of family and friends on Thursday, November 22. Now all I need is a group of family and friends who are looking for fun on that particular day.”

Set up a LinkedIn profile that says your current occupation is “Maker of heartwarming Thanksgiving memories.” Ask your grandmother to endorse you in such skills as cutting pie and getting ice cream to defrost a little bit. Invite people in the tri-state area to connect on LinkedIn.

When you go to parties, bring along frilled paper turkey booties. Say, “Does anyone need these booties for their Thanksgiving bird? I know the turkey-shoe cobbler who made them, and she is very available for fittings this Thanksgiving Day.”

Wear a foam turkey hat to work. When coworkers ask about it, say, “It’s my favorite statement piece. And the statement I’m making is: I shaved a block of foam into a turkey shape last night at my craft table, hoping you’d wonder, ‘Who is this foam artisan? And would she grace my Thanksgiving dinner?’”

Ask your cousins, friends, and people next to you on the bus, “Harvest season is upon us and the cornucopia overfloweth. At times like these, I wonder: what will you be doing on Thanksgiving to honor the bounty? And is there extra room for someone special at nature’s table? The person I’m thinking about has no plans.”

A few days before Thanksgiving, invite friends over for a casual “Friendsgiving” potluck. After everyone has dined, stage your puppet reenactment of the very first Thanksgiving. To conclude, say, “This is a traveling vagabond show. Wheels up and I’m on my way. Where will my next stop be? Raise your hand if this is your kind of entertainment.”

Wear a button that says, “Ask me about my Thanksgiving plans.”

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