Hogwarts or Goop?

train with smoke
Photo by Gabriela Palai on Pexels.com
  1. Lacewing flies – Easily stolen from Snape’s supply cabinet.
  2. Bezoar – Useful for reversing the effects of a poison. Or essential oil overdoses.
  3. Brain dust – Great for boosting smoothies. So good you’ll want to share with your zombie friends!
  4. Magical egg – Originally developed for…ahem…Kegels. Please crack open only when immersed in water to avoid earsplitting mermaid screeches.
  5. Sorcerer’s stone – Keep that fresh, young glow for eternity. It’s better than Botox!
  6. Sage – A favorite of centaurs and Muggles alike.
  7. Powdered unicorn horn – The rarest of the rare. Use sparingly for best results.
  8. Everlasting love potion – Use cautiously. Recommended to have a bezoar on hand at all times.
  9. Vampire repellent – Throw some rocks in a spray bottle and watch You-Know-Who’s army of vampires flee. (Note: Avoid use if you are allergic to garlic.)
  10. Nettle – Ever wonder how Neville got so good looking over the years? Nettle.
  11. Leeches – Blood-letting is the new diet of 2018! Have you ever seen a fat, bloodless person? Didn’t think so.
  12. Willful ignorance – What you don’t know can’t hurt you, right?

Key: 1. Hogwarts 2. Hogwarts 3. Goop 4. Both 5. Hogwarts 6. Both 7. Hogwarts 8. Both 9. Goop 10. Both 11. Hogwarts 12. Goop. Wizards go to school for 7 years.


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