Leave Those Holiday Decorations Up

By Talib Babb

red bauble
Photo by Susanne Jutzeler on Pexels.com

The holidays are over, but contrary to popular belief, that certainly doesn’t mean the decorations have to go.

Would it really hurt to let that electronic deer get a little more sun than usual? Allow those flashing LED bulbs on your door to light up for one more month and people will think you’re just really excited about Valentine’s Day.

Folks complain about it being too early for holiday decorations and then folks complain about holiday decorations being up for too long. So it’s important that you don’t value people’s opinions and you do what you feel!

If that’s not enough to convince you, one of these brief titles followed by a semicolon surely will.

Show Independence: By leaving the holiday lights up well into the New Year, you symbolize that you’re a trendsetter and you don’t play by society’s rules. You also let your neighbors know that you wear white after Labor Day and you stand on the left side of the escalator while people are trying to get by because you don’t give a damn!

Makes Giving Directions Easier: ‘Which house is yours?’ We’ve all heard that question when somebody is trying to get to your doorstep whether it’s a friend or food delivery. There will be no more confusion once people pull up to your place. End all of the uncertainty on a random January night with ‘my house is the one with Santa Claus in the window shining thru the panoramic motion projector, you can’t miss it.’

Grateful: Lights staying up represent that you celebrate Christmas year round, and why is that? Because every day is a gift. The rest of your community looks like they don’t see it that way and that’s their loss.

Deter Burglars: Thieves won’t break into a home that is well lit. Especially if it’s well lit with signs like ‘Season’s Greetings!’ They’ll think somebody is inside and will move on to your neighbor who took down their decorations on the first of January like a lame.

Power Move: Show your neighbors you’re making so much money, you can afford to turn on holiday lights every night and not be worried about the electricity bill.


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