Writing Advice: Peg

As any of you who follow me on Twitter (@ginnyhogan_) know, I recently pegged a man. If you don’t follow me on Twitter or didn’t see those tweets or muted me, feel free to jump off a bridge and die. That was extreme but I’d like to maintain the same sentiment. Anyway, I recently pegged a man, and I can’t even begin to describe how much it got my creative juices flowing.

The first thing that happened when I decided to peg was that I texted the guy a lot. Mostly sending him this image over and over again:

I have back pain

Texting truly counts as a form of writing. Don’t let anyone tell you it doesn’t. Sometimes I take Adderall and just text all day, and I feel great! So anyway, pegging this man got my creative juices flowing via text.

The next way that pegging helped my writing was on Twitter. I crafted a number of tweets about the incident before, during, and after. In fact, even days later, I was still tweeting about pegging. In fact, I still am. The secret to my Twitter is that I tweet about sex a lot but don’t do it often – I just keep thinking about it, so I can continue tweeting about it. The truth is I only had sex one time, and I’m not even sure if the penis was all the way in. Yeah — I’m that creative. Anyway, I wrote upwards of 30 tweets about it, none of which went viral. Even still, I know they had a lasting impact on my audience based on the number of men who DMed me and asked if I wanted to peg them (2).

Pegging also helped my stand up comedy. I never really honed my bit past getting up on stage and saying “I pegged!” and then giggling. Still, that got a few laughs a few times, which makes it one of my all-time top performing stand up bits. Peg – it’ll make you funnier.

Pegging was also really great because it enabled me to spend money. I bought a strap-on, lube, and harness. Writers need to be poor in order to be creative, so the less money in my bank account, the better a writer I’ll be. Honestly, as a writer, it’s kinda irresponsible not to peg.

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