This Quiz Will Confirm That You Should Only Ever Play Kirby on Super Smash Bros.


Check all the things that apply to you to find out that you should only play Kirby!

  • you like pink

  • you don’t like pink

  • you’ve been watching them play Smash Bros for over 30 minutes and already finished the popcorn

  • you don’t like ugly animals

  • a boy chose Kirby for you

  • you are cute

  • you feel bad asking for the remote because you don’t ACTUALLY know how to play

  • you’re out of chips

  • you’ve been thinking about P!NK singing what about us? to her daughter and crying

  • you just smoked weed

  • your name is Blair

  • you made more popcorn

  • you’re drunk but only you cuz they’ve been playing Smash Bros and have forgotten you are there at all so you’ve drunk the last half of a 6-pack and are dancing behind the couch to the sounds of the game

  • you love eating, Kirby eats others! It’s you!

  • you’re out of weed

  • you’ve said “how do you play” out loud multiple times to silence

  • you know you’ll lose anyway

  • the song Pynk by Janelle Monae is playing and you think “huh that’s a cool color”

  • you believe Women but you also love to “laugh it off”

  • you hate SmashBros but love your Bros

  • you literally hate all of it but are too high to go home yet

  • you live there

  • you’re out of popcorn again and out of kernels

  • your name is Claire

  • you have pinkies and giggle because they have the word ‘pink’ in them and Kirby is pink. So, duh!

  • You like cats

  • you don’t live there but you know you’ll be sleeping there 😉

  • Cats like you

  • there are no escape routes. You’re not sure when you got there, when you’ll leave, and then you realize you’re in hell. So you sit it out and enjoy sucking on the kernels left in the popcorn bucket.

Checked one or more? Congrats! You’re a Kirby! You’re cute, fun, and doomed to this fate forever. *Hiiii!* *poyo!* *vacuums air*

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