Phrases I’ve Googled in Preparation for Christmas

macro shot photography of tea candles
Photo by Lisa Fotios on

– NYC recruiting agency

-how to make money very quickly

-taskrabbit glassdoor

-postmates openings

-holiday market salesperson qualifications

-presents for children less than $20

-what do children under 2 enjoy?

-do children actually benefit from receiving gifts?

-negative psychological effects of spoiling a child under 10

-nuclear family unrealistic expectations

-christmas gift-giving origins, western lies

-materialism addiction, US, capital gross capital profits, what is GDP

-darfur how is that going

-the history of american capitalism

-how do i make money today christmas is very close

-local T D bank penny arcade locations

-selling clothing to consignment stores holiday season

-recreating george costanza, human fund, youtube tutorial

-re-gifting trash life hack youtube channel

-cards stock homemade

-garbage bag as wrapping paper

-soda can jewelry making

-choreographing a distracting Christmas dance

-the gift of song

-singing a song instead of purchasing something

-negative psychological effects of lying to family

-positive psychological effects of lying to family

-sociopathic holiday charming advice, no money

-crippling anxiety surrounding holiday activities

-tragic christmas death stories

-christmas as a source of pain

-does christmas hurt me?

-black christmas free rental

-dealing with shame on christmas

-santa falsehoods, abuse

-elf feelings of inferiority

-effects of breaking news to children that santa/ elves not real

-spending christmas alone, things to do

-faking sick on Christmas/Genuine food poisoning strategies

-hiding on christmas

-changing my locks

-locksmith available on christmas

-agoraphobia symptoms, late onset

– faking own death christmas

-amazon prime free shipping

– how do i make money webcamming

-foot fetish modeling christmas presents fast








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