Writing Advice: Don’t Have WiFi

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Hey friends. I’m Ginny Hogan, unprofessional word-writer, back with some more writing advice. One of the most productive parts of my life right now is that the WiFi in my house is awful. The issue is I live in my parents’ house, and they’re not here very often, so they won’t bother to fix it, and I don’t want to pay for WiFi for the whole house because that seems excessively generous of me (I mean, I’ve only been living here for 2 years).

Anyway, it’s been a great boon that my WiFi is so slow. I wouldn’t say it ‘keeps me off Twitter’, but I would say that it takes Twitter 35 seconds to load, which gives me time to think about whether or not I actually need to check Twitter. By the time it’s loaded, I’ve decided I don’t need to check it and can get back to work after only wasting 32 seconds. It’s absolutely genius.

Without being able to check my favorite websites constantly, I’m can write ALL DAY without ANY breaks. I mean, I CAN do this. I never actually HAVE, but that’s neither here nor there. The point is – I’ve set myself up for success by not having very strong WiFi. In the morning, I open up 8 Word Documents, and I sit in front of them until I decide to just go to a coffee shop where there’s better WiFi #productivityFTW.

Also, not having WiFi teaches me about hardship. Many people think writers need to really go through something traumatic to get inspiration, and I couldn’t agree more. This morning, I had to go into my kitchen and use DATA to check my email because the WiFi in my bedroom was so slow. It fueled me with rage, enough to spend the rest of the day writing. Well, there was also that Red Bull – anyway, something was fueling me.

Not having good WiFi can be a downer, though. For example, sometimes I need to research things for my articles. I know this seems a little unbelievable because I literally write about nothing, but I often look up the spelling, so take that, haters. Still, I can sometimes just figure out the spelling by using my intuition or making up my own, so it doesn’t hold me back that much. However, the other day I needed to know the exact date Pete and Ariana broke up, and it took before because Google loaded so slowly. Well, it took maybe 15 seconds, but it really stifled me. I had big plans for those 15 seconds. I’m sure you can see my hardship now.

Overall, I’d highly recommend you get shitty WiFi if you want to be a professional writer. I’d also recommend living in your parents’ house, and if not that, maybe my parents’ house? I’m so lonely.

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