New Year’s Resolutions You Can Complete in the Last Week of 2018

By Ginny Hogan and Eva Hill

Illustrated by Eva Hill


The last week of the year is usually marked by family time, a break from work, and a mad dash to finish those 2018 New Year’s Resolutions. Here, we offer a few you can complete in that one last week even if you forgot about them for the rest of the year!

  • Have a better relationship with your sister: Try just tolerating her Tofurky at Christmas dinner. You don’t even have to really eat it – that’s what napkins are for.
  • Show patience: Your flight from La Guardia will inevitably be delayed 9 hours, and you can use this time to take deep breaths or twist your hair into knots, instead of just coming up with reasons why you don’t want to see your family like you usually do.
  • Exercise: Take a long, long walk when your uncle starts defending Trump. He’s going to be a while, so you can actually get in enough steps for the whole year.
  • Listen: Drink a whole bottle of red wine and then plop yourself down in front of your chatty aunt. Drift off as she tells stories of her time in Austria. As long as your mouth isn’t moving, it counts as listening.
  • Be generous: You don’t need gifts. Let your family know that cash is fine.
  • Go one night without drinking: Just one — there’s always another night. This doesn’t work if you start on December 31st, FYI.
  • Prioritize Yourself: There’s no better time than family time to make yourself the center of attention. Your sister got engaged this year? That’s boring — focus everyone’s attention back on how you recently invested in your own Netflix account #adultingFTW.
  • Set Goals for 2019: This is easy — live 2019 the opposite of the way you did in 2018.


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