Songs From Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s Upcoming Dance Album



  • This Congresswoman’s Work
  • Gimme, Gimme! (Tax Hikes on the 1%!)
  • Confessions on Instagram Stories
  • Holding Out For Fossil Fuel Reforms
  • Don’t You (Underestimate Me)
  • If I Could Abolish I.C.E. (I Will)
  • Where Does A Broken Prison System Go?
  • U Can’t Humiliate This
  • Hit Me With With Your Best Creepy Shot
  • I Wanna Legislate With Somebody (Who Acknowledges Trump is a Racist)
  • What’s Scared White Men Got to Do With It?
  • Girls Just Wanna Get Work Done (Stop Bothering Me At Work)
  • Dancing On My Own

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