Don’t Take Yourself Too Seriously

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Don’t take yourself too seriously! It’s just life, after all. What does it matter?


Don’t take your hobbies too seriously. You do them for fun. You want to run a marathon for fun, not to make it a career, so why bother training? Lighten up, what’s the worst that can happen? It’s only 26 miles.


Don’t take your love life too seriously. Dating should be fun, carefree. You met a nice girl and she invites you over to her apartment. Does it matter that she has a cat and you’re deathly allergic? No! Don’t take yourself too seriously. Pop a Benadryl and go to bed. You’ll probably wake up in the hospital, but at least you have an excuse for not making her breakfast.


The last thing you need to do is spend so much time worrying about your career. People who want to make money just take everything so seriously. Honey, there are plenty of ways to stay afloat without advancing professionally, have you considered an inner tube? They’re so fun!


Don’t take driving too seriously. It’s just your commute, after all. You have to do it every single day. If you start letting it become a big thing, you’ll make yourself crazy. So have a couple drinks, relax, and enjoy a Xanax right before you get in your car.


Don’t take grammar too serious. Who needs adverbs?


Don’t take your family too seriously. Your dad is just joshing you when he said he has cancer. You know? Josh-ing? Being like your brother Josh, who also has cancer? It’s not a big deal, families play around with each other all the time. Once you learn to let these things roll off your back, you’ll be much happier.


Don’t take the law so seriously. It was written by dead white men, after all. If you want a car, just take the car. Your therapist told you to do more things for yourself, so why not? Honestly, people who are always worried about getting arrested are no fun! Even though they probably sell drugs – isn’t it crazy how taking yourself too seriously can negate the fun-ness of being a drug dealer?


Don’t take warning labels too seriously. Sure, that poison is dangerous to rats, but you’re not a rat, are you? If you need seasoning for your fries, why not use it? Live it up!


Don’t take the ambulance ride too seriously. It’s basically like an UberXL, which you’ve never been able to afford before, so why not enjoy it? Pop on some tunes, close your eyes, wait until the EMT shake you awake.


Don’t take life so seriously. It’s about to end, after all.



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  1. Do’t take yourself too seriously is realy a happier way of living life .In fact we waste too much of our life time in worrying ,and earning ,instead of enjoying it,because we take every thing too seriously. It’s hard fact of life. Satish Tripathi


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