I went to Spongebob the Musical on Broadway Alone

By Casey McGowan

Screen Shot 2019-01-07 at 2.14.07 PM.png
The title of this article is correct. My name is Casey McGowan. I am a 26-year-old, single man, living in New York City and I went to a Broadway musical by myself. Not just any musical, though. Spongebob The Musical.

Why did I go alone?  A point comes in every adult’s life where they realize they have to love the person they are and the person they have become. All my life leading up to this moment, I would spend my days insecure and my nights wondering if I will ever find love? Eventually, you tire yourself out. You realize that there is only so much mental energy you can use trying to change yourself. You have to accept yourself. So that’s what I did.

Who needs a date to see Spongebob The Musical?

Not me.

I love myself.

So, how was it?

It was one of the best (only) musicals I have seen in my life. The performances were electric. I went on a Friday night, so you know I got the top shelf actors. The show had a great message and was filled with laughs. I was seated between a couple in their mid-twenties and a family. Both of which, were extremely unsettled by my singular presence at the show. I even asked the father of the family to my right to take a photo of me. He said yes, but then politely ushered his children and wife away from me. I must have been glowing from the positive vibes and self-love I was emitting that night because people in the theater kept staring at me.

People kept looking at me as if to say: “Look at that cool guy, not needing any friends or romantic partners to enjoy his Friday night! I bet he is filled with self-love!” And I was. I was glowing with confidence. An usher even asked me If “I was sure I was at the right show?” I love that. I love finally being noticed for my ability to be happy in my own skin. Was I asked to leave during intermission because I couldn’t stop crying? Sure! But that was because I was finally able to let myself open up emotionally!

Don’t let yourself not enjoy things just because you feel society doesn’t want you to.

Be yourself. Love yourself. Eat, Pray, and go to Spongebob The Musical Alone.

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