Best Wall Mirrors for Looking at Yourself While Repeating “I am the Prize!”

Jumbo Funhouse Mirror, $130


Sometimes you’ve got to change your perspective. You may not be super happy with your physical appearance as is, but man, check out how weird looking you could be!

The Curated Nomad Lotta Decorative Mirror, Overstock, $88.99


This instant classic is guaranteed to maximize your self worth, mainly because you can see thirty-three versions of your mouth as they form the words — that’s thirty-three times the confidence! (If that doesn’t work and you still hate yourself as a human past the point of self repair, you can also sub in your mouth for an eye and visualize yourself as a sexy spider. Fun!)

Antler Table Mirror, $52.95

While feminine energy is great to channel, exploring a more rugged side of you can be empowering as well. This smaller mirror will frame your face so that you can visualize yourself as big game, and girl, your meat will last all winter!

Crescent Moon Mirror, $29


It’s true: any mantra is made that much more powerful by saying it in a soft, goddess like whisper. This sleek and spiritual piece will have you feeling your most powerful for that completely tepid Bumble date tonight.

Uttermost Rahila Antiqued Mirror (Set of 2); $305


Sometimes the best way to self confidence is simply blinding yourself from seeing what a dumb bitch you actually are — why not do it with this two-piece glam-luxe accent?

Decorative Mirror Abstract Shape “Funky Mosaico,” $118


Try on a different side of yourself with this groovy art glass. It’ll have you asking the tough questions: Are you confident? No yet. But are you edgy? Also no.

Peruvian Gold Eye Mirror, West Elm, $59


We all know your crippling insecurity started because you weren’t the apple of your parents’ eye, but now for a great price point you can be the relatively competent tangerine of this one.


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