Drunk Tweets I Deleted

apps blur button close up

Frogs—so cute…

–I AM —sad JK???—

V drunk wtf is up tonight

I love turtles how cum they r so private

One time I put a rose crystal up my vag and it fell out during an improv show

Do u guys like me

Plot twist I only put on lip gloss or sunglasses for attention bitch

I love boring sex

Let’s play sum whale sounds n touch each other real slow

Lonely gal (cocoa puffs on my chest r n)?? fuck u

I wanna bang that hot guy from Mulan

Scary penis scary guy

Trying to get into tentacle porn I feel nothing


Swedish films all night

david lynch wtf r u saying

Lookin to win an Oscar don’t wanna work 4 it

Mom n dad only friends

How cum I’m afraid to wear yellow

Cant bring phone in shower, I don’t shower

I wish I was a starfish… no stress lol right tho?

Tongue. Onions. I’m Super scared of death….


Cant be in book club, don’t read so

squirrels r pretty but are they gonna kill me?

clown fear isnt real, u dont have a personality if u r scared of clowns…wait idk really…googled clown fear…seems legit…whatev…fuq u guys my dad was a clown

feelin depressed TeQuIlA$$$%%

SOBER jan real good yum yum im wasted tho lookin for chipotle

ice cream cone: day ice cream bone: night

Twitter is fulfilling… so drunk, fuq u guys, love u tho

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