My Boyfriend Doesn’t Believe in the #metoo Movement, But it’s OK Because I Didn’t Say I Believed in it on My Tinder Profile

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I’m 24 and I have the best new boyfriend. He’s exactly like his profile says on tinder- he hikes, he has a 6 pack and likes watching “The Bachelor” ironically with me. The only problem is he thinks the #metoo movement is fucking stupid, but that’s too big of a deal because he said I didn’t list it on my tinder profile as something I cared about.

On my tinder profile I say I like canoeing, and now we canoe while making out and have cozy nights in- he really is the best guy! Like I see a future. When he reads about the #metoo movement he says its women fucking lying like they always do and it’s all one big conspiracy theory, but that has nothing to do about us as a couple. Like we have so many things in common from our profiles, we both love mac n cheese and who said we both need to value women coming forward and speaking their truth.

My boyfriend said it was dumb when I told him to stop listening to R Kelly for 7 hours a day because of the awful things he’s done, but he has a right to his opinion. And when he told me to move out of our apartment and that I was dumped because my blonde sister was hotter and he knew she was single and I should have told him because I have brown hair and that’s fucking lame, it really was no bigs because he just didn’t value something I stood for and all good things must end. If I ever date again, I will remember to update my tinder profile, so I am more upfront with the next guy, cause that’s only fair.

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