Quiz: Was that Timothée Chalamet or Just Another Malnourished NYU Film Student? 


If you live in New York City then you know how easy it can be to stumble across a celebrity sighting. Whether it’s Billy Murray reading the newspaper on the subway, Jimmy Fallon sitting front row at a Yankees game, or even Meryl Steep shopping for immaculate white linens in the Sur La Table on 306 W 57th St—celebrities are all around us. So, when you’re walking past Tisch and see a young man with flowing hair and an impeccable wool crewneck sweater, clutching a worn copy of The Bell Jar, it’s only fair that you’d wonder: is that Timothée Chalamet?

So, whip out your phone and take this quiz to find out for yourself!

Is he:

  1. Wearing only one headphone in such a way that you can almost make out the sweet chorus of Sufjan Stevens’ Mystery of Love?
  2. Carrying a small backpack open just enough to see a cluster of red grapes, a bottle of Merlot, a collection of loose-leaf Mary Oliver poems, a partially eaten baguette, and nothing else?
  3. Dressed in an impracticable, but somehow still effortlessly stylish, olive green velvet suit jacket, a plain black V-neck, and $400 distressed jeans?
  4. In the middle of a conversation about how derivative Lena Dunham’s new experimental one-woman play he just saw in Bushwick was?
  5. Checking the time by first glancing up at the position of the sun and then reaching into his pocket to examine his silver pocket watch?
  6. Reading a script for Wes Anderson’s new film about a man smoking in front of an oil painting in a whimsical look at modern American life complete with over 60 symmetrical camera shots?
  7. Eating a perfectly ripe nectarine and/or peach despite the fact that it looks like he may not have eaten for the past 4 days straight?
  8. Rushing to catch a flight to the Cannes Film Festival, but still not in too much of a hurry to stop and pick up the New York Times paper from a bodega, flipping to the obituaries section, and pausing for a moment to contemplate the fleeting nature of time?
  9. Picking up his cellular phone to answer a call from Greta Gerwig and clearly hearing him say, “Hey, this is Timothée”?

Congratulations! If you answered “yes” to literally any of these, it’s Timothée Chalamet! But, before you try to snag an autograph or a photo, make sure to ask him if he really is, in fact,t THE Timothée Chalamet or else you might end up with another selfie with some 20-year-old NYU film student named Todd, or worse, God forbid, Timothy, again.


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