An Email from Lay’s Regarding Your Potato Chip Flavor Submission

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Hello Elizabeth,

We would first like to thank you for submitting to the “Lay’s Next Potato Chip Flavor” contest. We appreciate your enthusiasm and persistence year after year. Once again we felt the need to reach out to you with our concerns. While the flavors you submitted are undoubtedly unique, they also have also been the topic of many in office discussions. In case you are unclear about what we are referring to, we will highlight a few of the flavors that caught our attention. Your suggestion for “cocaine” deemed very concerning as it is not a legal substance and cannot be added to flavor any snack foods. Your next suggestion, “vodka tonic” also raised concerns. Adding any alcoholic beverage to our chips would require an I.D. with purchase, which is a something we would strongly like to avoid. Both of these flavor ideas suggest there is a larger problem at hand.

Now the last two flavors you submitted were what really shook us to our core here at Lay’s. Your idea for a “disappointment” flavor because you “want to know if it tastes as bad as it feels” insinuates a cry for help. The last flavor you submitted “my father’s love & acceptance” simply will not resonate with every member of our target consumer audience. By law, we are required to report situations such as this one. We thank you for participating in the contest and we highly suggest that you seek out the help of a medical professional, as we at Lay’s are not licensed to assist you. We would also like to take this opportunity to let you know that we will no longer accept your submissions for the yearly “Lay’s Next Potato Chip Flavor” contest.

Good luck from all of us at Lay’s, we wish you the best.


HR Department


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