Ten Stick and Poke Tattoos That Say He’s Ready to Make You a Serious Commitment

man holding short coated black dog
Photo by VINICIUS COSTA on Pexels.com

            If you’re reading this, congratulations, you’ve fallen madly in love. It is probably even safe to say that right now, your love is beginning to blossom and you’re in that enlightening period where everything is perfect. The lights are dimmed, delightfully scented candles gently fill the air, you’re sipping the perfect cup of tea with him snuggled up next to you and nothing else matters. Death does not exist when you are with him, all dogs live forever for all it concerns you, because, well, you’re in love. However, lingering in the back of your mind something is bothering you, are you sure he is ready to make you a serious commitment? Just then, you glide your hand across his leg and find yourself staring down at a faded stick and poke tattoo of a cat reading a book and you think to yourself, now that tattoo shows this man is ready to make me a serious commitment in his life. If your newfound love has any of these 10 stick and poke tattoos, then he is surely ready to make you his everything.


  1. A JUUL inked crookedly into the confines of the skin on his left thigh because well he is committed to that brand I guess
  1. An old fashioned jug that is labeled “XXX” because he really likes pirate movies
  1. “b969” right above his knee. He originally meant to just get “69” but his friend accidentally made the 6 more like a b on the first try, so he just did it again right next to “b9” and viola.
  1. Just a whole bunch of dots because it turns out that Stick and Poke Tattoos really hurt, and after feeling that pain, he doesn’t want to hurt anyone else ever again.
  1. Jagged lettering of “SNL” because he is really into improve and he will never give his dreams up, and maybe your part of that dream now
  1. The words “Crash Bandicoot” because he once loved something so much that he risked a serious infection from letting some guy named squid juice tattoo his favorite childhood video game onto his leg
  1. Another Women’s Name because well, maybe she was the one that didn’t want to commit to him. 
  2. You are getting older now, and it is really hard to find a real connection these days.
  3. Seriously, you were starting to really like this guy and well, why let several poorly done tattoos scare true love away?
  4. Sometimes the best way to find out he is committed to you is to just pretend you really love those tattoos and hopefully one day you may convince him to get them covered up or even removed. Who Knows?

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