8 Lyrics From Ariana Grande’s New Album That Suggest She Used To Date The Hamburglar


“thank u, next”, Ariana Grande’s fifth album to date, is already making waves throughout the social media rumor mill, with fans speculating which spicy takes are paired with the pop superstars past boyfriends and fiancees. We couldn’t avoid the juicy gossip ourselves, so took a deep dive into the album, walking away with one MAJOR question mark regarding Grande’s very public dating life: did she, at one point, date famous McDonald’s villain The Hamburglar?

Check out some key lyrics below and decide for yourself.

1. “He wears stripes, I wear solids, it’s a perfect balance, it keeps me honest.”

Ok, we realize this one may be a stretch – anyone can wear stripes, not just The Hamburglar. That being said, in the context of some of the album’s more specific lyrics, this one may be a major giveaway – and a touching representation of what their relationship meant in terms of loves yin and yang dynamic.

       2.  “He stole my heart like he stole them burgers.”

    This one is a bit trickier – yes, anyone can steal burgers, just like anyone can wear stripes – but come on, who actually does it? Hamburgers are usually pretty cheap, especially if you head to a fast food joint. This would have to apply to someone whos’ entire THING is stealing burgers. Sounds familiar, no?

3. “Love your buck tooth, your plan is foolproof.”

    Pete Davidson aside, all of Grande’s known exes have had pretty normal teeth, so this clearly points to The Hamburglar’s signature, singular buck tooth. This lyric may be a double-tell, as Grande comments on his “foolproof” plan – perhaps, a plan to steal hamburgers?

4. “Red gloves, big red tie, it’s true love, I can’t lie.”

    This one may be our most telling clue yet. The Hamburglar famously wears bright red gloves and an oversized red tie with little hamburgers on it (obsessed much?). We are definitely on to something.

5. “Don’t need no Wendy, don’t need no King, I got you and you got me, baby that’s everything.”

    First off, this one’s actually kind of sweet. Second, those are clear references to Wendy’s and Burger King, aka McDonald’s primary competition in the fast food burger-sphere.

6. “You make my body feel like a burger, wrapped in thin paper, steal me baby, you are my savior.”

Wow, in this scenario, Ariana Grande HERSELF is the burger. Really fascinating use of metaphor and a true window into the supportive, caring side of their relationship. It’s clear that their past tryst has left an indelible mark on Grande – and that The Hamburglar was a confident, protecting partner.

7. “Ronald gon try to stop you but I never will, steal those burgers baby, steal them just for the thrill.”

    Well, this is just about the clearest one yet. She is literally encouraging her ex to defy those who try to stop him – in this case, McDonald’s spokesman Ronald McDonald – and to keep pursuing his lofty theft of burgers. I mean, the only way to make things even clearer would be if she flat-out said she used to date The Hamburglar, right?

8. “I used to date The Hamburglar.”

This is the last line of the album.

Well, there you have it. We’re pretty sure Ariana used to date The Hamburglar, but hey, who can ever be sure when it comes to celebrity gossip? I guess all we can do at this point is speculate the dirt and keep enjoying these dang BOPS, BABY!


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