Nancy Pelosi Agrees to Fund Border Wall if it’s Built Out of LEGOS



Democrats have decided to give Trump the wall he’s been wanting his entire presidency. The catch being it must be built from LEGOS.

“First of all, it won’t be called a wall,” Pelosi said at a press conference. “It will be called a RISÖR because that’s the name of a room divider I saw at IKEA.”

This LEGO RISOR, comes with three conditions.

  1. The Legos must be the traditional 1.6mm in size.
  2. The Lego’s must be assembled by hand.
  3. Each night of construction, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez gets to enter the President’s bedroom and place a single LEGO on the floor. The president will never know where the Lego is, but he will live in constant fear of stepping on it with his bare feet.

It has been reported that the second Mr. Trump heard the news, he burst into Barron’s bedroom and stole all the old LEGOs from his closet. He brought the LEGOs back to the Oval Office and set them on his desk. He then ripped all of his clothes off and stroked each LEGO tenderly.

“I’m going to build the best RISÖR this world has ever seen,” he whispered according to a White House aid who stood watching horrified from the corner of the room.

“I couldn’t imagine a better outcome,” Trump said. “I mean think of the amount of jobs this is going to bring to the LEGO industry. I’m going to feel so safe knowing my country is defended by the strength of this tremendous children’s toy. When I’m not at Mar-a-Lago, I’m in my office playing with LEGO’s and eating McRibs. I can’t believe I didn’t think of this myself.”

Trump says when the wall is built he’s going to open up a theme park called, “Lego Land: RISOR” where American children can ride a Ferris wheel that allows them to peer into Mexico and laugh.



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