Pitbull Mix Exposes the Westminster Dog Show’s Unrealistic Beauty Standards

By Emily Kaufman

two yellow labrador retriever puppies
Photo by Chevanon Photography on Pexels.com

To the Board of the Westminster Dog Show,

I honestly cannot. Like for real? That thin, wiry Fox Terrier? This is my exact issue with the show. You’re all so focused on the “perfect” dog. But when did this scrawny pretentious malnourished thing trotting around like he has a bone stuck up his ass become “perfection”. Frankly, I’m glad he got booed.

Just because my father is unknown and I’m labeled a “Pitbull Mix”, I’m not as beautiful or valuable as this purebred?

Mixed breeds matter too, okay! We’re beautiful, because we’re different! And yeah, sure I have some fat on my thighs. But I embrace it. These hips don’t lie and I’m not gonna stop them. I’m not gonna starve myself and only eat dry kibble and chew Kong toys longingly just to trot in front of you, Mr. Board of Westminster Dog Show, and hope you nod approvingly.

You refuse to let us bigger dogs win and I’m over it. Has a Rottweiler or Great Dane ever even been in the top three? Oh, no? But terriers have won over 15 times, huh? I’m smelling a not so faint smell of discrimination…

And don’t even get me started on the walk. You called it too “sassy”. Sorry I don’t have a Daddy Warbucks paying for a walk coach. My owner is doing her best too, okay? She’s working two full-time jobs to put me through this. She reads all the magazines, and you make her feel bad about having a dog that’s not the ideal size, and doesn’t walk the way you deem fit. You’re affecting her confidence, and mine too.

But not any more. I’m not gonna let the fact that you won’t even let my breed compete in the show affect me.

Because I have proof people love us mixed breed girls. My Instagram is popping. I have like, so many followers. Like loads. I’m starting a movement and the Westminster Dog Show can either catch up, or be deemed irrelevant. I refuse to be defined by your beauty standards. It’s 2019. Get with it. #mixedbreedsarebeautiful

Scruffy out.

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