We Go Together Lyrics From Grease If Sandy Had Realized That She Basically Abandoned Her Whole Identity For A Total Loser

Warning: It helps if you know the tune to “We Go Together.”

We shouldn’t be together

Like rama lama—- I actually hate wearing thongs

Plus I hate leather

As shoo-bop sha wadda—- this outfit’s just so wrong

Chang chang—- I should you fuck up

For the way you treated me-eee

Danny, NO!

During summertime

Like dip da-dip da-dip—- you told me you loved me so

Now I see you were lying

Boogedy boogedy—- told the T-Birds that I’m a ho

Chang chang—- get over yourself and stop

You’re a loser an—- anddd we’re done

You’ll never make cum, cum, cum, CUUU-UUUUM!


Why did I change for you

You’ve got a low IQ

You’re just a WIENER!

I didn’t do the math

The T-Birds are sociopaths

Isn’t Kinicky a 30 year old senior-sen-sen-senior!??!!!


Rama lama lama ka —-Danny I hate this song

Shoo-bop sha —-you’re mom clearly drank when you were in the womb-de-womb

Chang chang —-why didn’t I call the cops??

Dip da-dip—-when you groped me in your car for some non-consensual boom-de-boom?

Boogedy boogedy—- you shamed me for being a goody-goody

Shoo-be—- even though you basically punched me in your car after I said STOP!

Sha-na-na-na-na-na-na-na—- I’m sorry we ever kissed on the beach and stared at the moon

Rama lama lama—- I should of Bobbitted your dong!!

Shoo-bop sha wadda—- can’t believe I wanted to be the bride to your groom-de-groom

Chang chang changitty—- ew gross you can see my nipples through this top

Dip da-dip da-dip—- so sad that I was hopelessly devoted to you

Boogedy boogedy—-God you’re such a jobless loon

Shoo-be doo—-can’t be your own man, you’re just a sad greasy prop

Sha-na-na-na-na-na-na-na—-I’m so much better than you

Wop ba-ba lu-mop—-and yet still I put on this slutty costume!!

For youuuu….FUCK!


We’re wrong for each other

Like a wop ba-ba—-like if peacock fucked a baboon

Or if I banged my brother

Like it’d be wrong but I’d rather bang him than you

Chang chang changitty—-let’s just stop

Pretending we’re together…Danny…NO!


We’ll never be together

I’m taking off this hot leather

Gonna find my pink sweater

We’ll never be together

This fling was so fairweather

God you’re such a loser

An emotional abuser

We should’ve never been together

You look stupid in leather

Because of you my hair’s big bird feathers

We’ll seriously never be together

We’ll never be together

Yeah so goodbye forever

Yeah so goodbye forever

We’ll never be together


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