The Flake Cycle

By Janet Hyde

three women standing near man holding smartphones
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May 6

9:00 am

Sarah matches with Jeremy.

Sarah matches with Todd.

Sarah matches with Dave.

9:14 am

Todd messages: Damn girl. Sup?

Sarah ignores.

9:16 am

Sarah matches with Logan.

Sarah: Cool tats 😋 Wanna get a drink?

Logan: Dope. Tmrw at 9?

Sarah: Cool I’ll message you.

May 7

No further messages.


May 21

4:41 pm

Logan matches with Amanda.

Logan: I like your style. Can I take you out?

May 22

7:03 pm

Amanda: Lol sure.

7:05 pm

Logan: Awesome. Drinks Tuesday at 9?

9:57 pm

Amanda: Yeah I live in Bed Stuy. Pick a spot near there? Txt me at 555.555.1234.

May 25

No further messages.


June 2

11:42 am

Amanda matches with Luka.

12:02 pm

Luka: Got this🌹for you, qt.

Amanda: !!!

They message back and forth for an hour.

5:43 pm

Twenty-three messages exchanged.

10:02 pm

Luka: Drinks tomorrow?

Amanda: Hell ya.

June 4

10:24 am

Amanda: Thx for a great date night. Lemme know if you wanna hang again.

10:36 am

Luka: Duh for sure! How about Saturday?

Amanda: Yeah I’d like that!! Dinner?

June 5 – 9

342 messages exchanged.

June 10

Amanda: We still on for tonight?

No further messages.


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