Sample ACT Questions For Students In The “Privileged” Program 

business college composition desk
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For the college entrance exams, cheating was facilitated “in some cases by posing as the actual students, and in others by providing students with answers during the exams or by correcting their answers after they had completed the exams,” according to the criminal complaint. — Buzzfeed News

DIRECTIONS: Solve the following problems, or don’t that’s okay too. Choose your answer, and then fill in the corresponding oval on your answer document. Do not linger over problems that take too much time. Solve as many as you can, then ask the proctor for help and he’ll give you the answers.

You are permitted to use a calculator, laptop, smartphone, cheat sheet, private tutor, surrogate test-taker or parent feeding you the answers directly through an earpiece on this test.

  1. In the standard (x,y) coordinate plane below, three vertices of a rectangle are shown. Which of the following choices is your name?

  1. A car averages 27 miles per gallon. If gas costs $4.04 per gallon, what kind of car did your parents buy you for your sweet 16 birthday party?

  1. How many negative numbers are in your home address?

  1. When x=7 and y=3, what is the value of the sailboat your father bought last season?

  1. If the answer to this question is option B, what is the answer to this question?

  1. Sales for a business were 3 million dollars more the second year than the first year and sales for the third year were twice the amount of sales for the second year. If sales for the second year were 27 million dollars, can you please raise your hand and have the proctor answer this question?

  1. Tom’s Bistro advertised this daily lunch special: Pick soup and salad for $4.95! Of the following options, what combination sounds the most appetizing?

  1. A smart TV that costs $300 has been marked down 30 percent, with the additional purchase of a DVD player for $50. Will you use your mother’s credit card to make this purchase?

  1. A driver departs New York City at 5:00 pm on Sunday and is heading to Los Angeles. Your private jet takes off from JFK at the same time. If the distance between NYC and LA is 2,789.8 miles, at what point do you fall asleep curled up on the leather sofa in the cabin?

  1. Please solve the following equation: Celebrity Parents + College application to USC = How well you did on this test.

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