Co-Worker Recaps Trip To Moosehead Lake, Maine To Office Refrigerator

By Casey McGowan

closed side by side refrigerator in kitchen area
Photo by Milly Eaton on

REDDING, CT, MONDAY, 10:38 A.M.  Teddy Harrington, 29, a copywriter for a local safety-manual publishing business, was seen recapping his trip to Moosehead Lake to the office fridge Monday morning. 

“The lake was so calming and peaceful. It always feels good just to get out of the hustle and bustle, ya know?” Harrington quipped.

“Hoaaaaaa”-The fridge responded.

Fellow co-workers watched as Harrington continued to explain to the fridge how the foliage up in Maine is much more vibrant. The refrigerator was the only thing in the office willing to hear Harrington’s vacation recap.

Harrington has been planning the trip to Moosehead Lake since last summer, which evidently is when the co-workers first started to lose interest in Harrington’s plans altogether.

“I actually met some cool people in this local birding community up there as well! So maybe a trip back is due soon!”-Harrington excitedly proclaimed to the stainless steel Kenmore.

The refrigerator was later heard explaining to the microwave below what a “total buzzkill” Teddy can be. 

“Beeeeeeep.” The microwave responded.

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