Pitches For More Feel-Good British Reality Shows

To the country that popularized pastry making and sentiment.

close up photography of cat
Photo by Amir Ghoorchiani on Pexels.com

Children in raincoats helping other children jump over puddles.

A tailor who specializes in restoring torn stuffed animals.

Teenage punks lying in a field, describing what each passing cloud looks like to them.

Backlit spider webs.

Calendar makers who dress up small dogs as characters in popular dramas (Game of Bones, Downton Puppy, Dachshund Who, etc.).

A competition show wherein moms compete for the title of Best Bedtime Storyteller.

When a cat meows but no sound comes out.

Someone pulling the exact intended number of paper towels off the roll each time.

An escape room except it’s a giant crossword puzzle for best friends and the clues are childhood crushes, inside jokes, and each other’s admirable qualities.

Bath bombs dissolving in large, clean claw-foot tubs.

The very concept of togetherness.

Tom Hardy traveling all over the country to give betrothed couples his blessing.

Business people reacting to motivational sidewalk chalk messages on their way to work.

Liverpool women playfully smacking or pinching their adult grandsons in the face until they say, “I love you, too.”

Plentiful pastoral people poised predominantly pleasantly—and other nice words tongue twisters.

Sunlight streaming through stained glass at just the right time of day.

Baby goats sliding down a small hill on purpose.

Wildflower crown weaving: a masterclass.

Talk shows with nonsense names that cover any subject except Brexit (Hummingbird Dinner Theater, Windy Boats, Smites and Smells, Grin Button, etc.)

Various chirping sounds.

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