Selections From The Hall And Oates Tarot

  1. Rich Girl:
    The “Rich Girl” card depicts a Princess crowned in gold, taking a selfie. This card indicates that you will have dealings with someone who is entitled and self-involved. This person is likely being supported by a wealthy parent, probably in the form of an “Old Man.”
    “Say money but it won’t get you too far, getcha too faaaar.”
  2.  Man Eater:
    An avatar for change usually with regard to intimate relationships. The “Man Eater” heralds an individual who is an explosive lover, but will likely move on quickly afterward, leaving their former partner emotionally destroyed. In the Medieval era, the “Man Eater” was depicted as manticore wearing red stiletto heels.
    “Watch out boy, she’ll chew you up.”

  3. You Make My Dreams Come True:
    The turning of this card dictates a grand life change and an intent to move forward with one’s goals. This new union will have a bubbly feeling and you won’t be able to get it out of your head no matter how hard you’ll try. “You make my dreams come true” was initially depicted as The Sandman hovering over a sleeping cobbler. The card now depicts a stockbroker snorting cocaine off of the top of a urinal.
    “Like the flame that burns the candle, The candle feeds the flame, yeah yeah.”

  4. Family Man:
    The “Family Man” is a powerful totem. Depicted as a middle-aged man eyeing a beautiful woman while he sweats on a treadmill. This card reveals a forthcoming situation in which you or someone you know will be approached with an offer that will destroy long-term happiness for a single moment of bliss. This situation could present itself as a shot of whiskey, a half-priced burrito or, most likely, an extramarital affair.
    “If you push me too far, I just might.”

  5. Private Eyes:
    This card features a 1940s detective playing a keytar with his sleeves rolled up, the “Private Eyes” card suggests that you are being noticed and that you have noticed someone in return. Have you spotted a future lover across a crowded room or has your boss noticed you taking home one too many paperclips?
    “They’re watching you, they see your every moooove.”

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