A Beginner’s Guide to Fertility Forums

grayscale photography of woman holding ultrasound photo
Photo by rawpixel.com on Pexels.com

Those new to fertility forums may find themselves intimidated by the acronym shorthand used by the commenters. Here’s a handy guide (in alphabetical order) to navigate your experience – and help you participate yourself!


AF – Aunt Flo, or, got my period


AFAF – Bleeding out my vagina hard as fuck


AFNW – Aunt Flo not wanted


AFNSFW – Aunt Flo not safe for work because I’ll throw a stapler at the first person I see once I learn this last round of emotionally-crippling shots was pointless


AH – Assisted hatching


AHHHHHH – Please oh please I don’t want to do IVF


AI – Artificial insemination


AIAI – Artificial insemination done by a robot


ART – Assisted reproductive technology done in pointillist style


BA – Not, as one assumes, a bachelor’s degree of arts, but baby aspirin, because that’s what you care about now


BFN – Big fat negative pregnancy test


BFGW – My Big Fat Greek Wedding, an excellent movie to watch during hormonally-induced bouts of crying. Where’s MY mother to hold me to her bosom and feed me spanakopita?


BMS – Baby-making sex, and not, as one might assume, the plural of “bowel movement”


BOB – Baby on the brain. Also Bob, your next door neighbor who keeps asking after your fertility journey in an uncomfortable way.


CB – Cycle buddy, meaning someone who is on the same ovulation timeline as you, and who will also, occasionally, force you to go to spin class


GF – Gluten-free, which if your infertility is impacted by endometriosis, is something you may wish to consider


GFL – Good fucking luck actually sticking with that diet though


IPS – Imaginary pregnancy symptoms, which you will experience every two weeks before your period and lead you to search engine results like, “are you pregnant, or are you just a hangry bitch?”

IPO – Did you know your social stock price increases once you have kids? As a barren woman you’re not quite ready to go public so avoid neighborhood potlucks and other gatherings where you’ll be the only childless couple.


IUI – The turkey baster method




LSC – Low sperm count


LSSC – The Late Show with Stephen Colbert. If you’re feeling low about your situation, get up to date on the impending fall our democracy!


MC – Miscarriage


MSC – Missed carriage (pre-1900s references only)


MF – Male factor infertility


MFSMFEMFU – I’m tired of this motherfucking sperm not penetrating my motherfucking egg and not implanting in my motherfucking uterus!


PG – Pregnant. Didn’t you learn that from watching the movie Grease?


RE – Reproductive endocrinologist


REI – Place where you spend too much money during an emotionally-charged period where you attempt to do “Wild”


SA – Semen analysis


SOS – Song by ABBA we suggest playing on repeat, especially during BMS


TTC – Trying to conceive


TLC – A reminder to stick to the rivers and the lakes that you’re used to. Why do you think you can bypass God and grow a baby through science?? Also a reminder to be kind to yourself. This process is tough and you are tougher, but it’s okay not to be all the time.


VAG – Vagina. Like you needed a guide to tell you that.

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