Quiz: Wes Anderson Movie, Or Wes Anderson Movie Translated Into German And Then Back Into English?


a) Bottle Rocket

b) The One We Germans Did Not See

c) Rushmore

d) Insufferable Braces-Boy Makes Nice

e) The Royal Tenenbaums

f) Gene Hackman and the Case of the Chic Suicide Attempt

g) The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou

h) All Aboard the Sad Boat

i) The Darjeeling Limited

j) Cultural Appropriation

k) Fantastic Mr. Fox

l) Is It Okay That I’m Attracted to These Foxes?

m) Moonrise Kingdom

n) Uncomfortable 6th Grade Dance: The Movie

o) The Grand Budapest Hotel

p) World War I Porn

q) Isle of Dogs

r) Cultural Appropriation 2: The Appropriationating


Wes Anderson: a, c, e, g, i, k, m, o, q

German Wes Anderson: b, d, f, h, j, l, n, p, r

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