Welcome To My Blanket! It’s 59 Degrees. Let’s Crack That Rosé And Never Speak Of Winter Again.

adult celebration cheers congratulations
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Ohmigod! So glad you guys made it. Welcome to my blanket.

Ha ha ha yes! I live here now. It’s better than my apartment. Just kidding! You’ve seen my apartment.

Well you look adorable too! I guess I am showing a little leg. Hope I’m not blinding you ha ha ha.

José, you are an angel for noticing, these clogs are new. Don’t you love them? They only pinch a little. Actually, does anyone have a bandaid?

My hero! Now, everyone, dig in and enjoy. I whipped up a few snacks from some recipes I found around Hanami, the Japanese Cherry Blossom picnic ritual which takes place at exactly this time of year. So let’s crack that rose and live it up!

Whoops, speaking of crack… José this is embarrassing, but you may want to pull your pants up a little in the back.

No, I totally get it. Look at me, I’m practically spilling out of my romper. I have an idea, we should go shopping together! We can go to the place where I got my clogs, they’re having a sale.

Look at this day. And look at us! We are all literal geniuses for making this happen. Let’s make a pact. We’re doing only this every Sunday until the end of summer.

Okay, not next weekend, but the weekend after.

Whatever, in three weekends then. I’m going to take my clogs off and feel the grass on my toes. This is what we’re here for, right? Huh, I don’t remember putting toenail polish on. On second thought, why don’t I put these back on.

Yeah, I guess it’s a wee bit chilly, but remember last week? I have an idea, put down your rosé.

See? You’ll regain the feeling in your fingers any second now. P.S. I heard it’s going to be forty seven tomorrow. This weather is effing bipolar– no offense to your brother– but why did I bring that up? I’m just happy to be out of my smelly old coat for one day. I feel so free, don’t you? Actually could you not smoke on my blanket?

Hold on. Everybody stop what you’re doing– José! Did you just put your hand in–? Oh God. People let their dogs go anywhere.

Shoot, I only brought cloth napkins. Here, use this page out of my notebook. Let’s just remember to pick that up on our way out– we don’t want to be litterbugs.

Let’s get the blood flowing. Did anyone bring a–? Yes. This guy. Always remembers the frisbee.

This is so fun! Just what I needed, work off a few of those winter L-B’s, am I right José?

Okay, I’m going long, I’m going long, I think I got it–

Ow. Ow. That really hurt. I think I twisted it– No, please don’t. I’ll be fine, I’ll be fine! Real question is, why is the ground so frickin’ uneven?

Thank you, the blanket is actually helping. I’m frickin’ freezing. Ow, okay, actually could you not touch it? Just hand me the bottle of rosé.

No, not to drink!  To help with the swelling. That really frickin’ hurts. I have an idea, who would like to accompany me to the hospital?

You’re right, Urgent Care would have a shorter wait. I think it’s covered by my insurance–

You have something to do after this, really José? Well, beggars can’t be choosers. I’ll call us a car, just Venmo me later. Can we take like one group picture before we go though?

Cute. I’ll tag everyone on my way to Urgent Care. Hashtag Too Blessed To Be Stressed ha ha ha.

So the rest of you are going to a bar? Cool. As soon as I get a clean bill of health, I’ll come meet you! Yaaaass kween, yasss!

Okay, when you do know just send me the address.

Great. I just texted you a frisbee emoji so now you have my number!

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