Stuff to Say To Make it Seem Like You’ve Seen Game of Thrones


Incest battle wow!

Horse blood wedding okay then??

Blonde hair up the butt hmm!!

That dragon made me pee myself.

Decapitation gives me nightmares tbh.


White people are scary.

How bout them mountains!

I want a sword.

Which throne is the hottest IMO, lemme think!

I had sex with my brother.

I wish my dad was a dragon.

I had my period at a wedding, it was as blood wedding too!

I had sex with my brother again.

Can you believe all that death?

I am having sex with my brother as I write this.

All the thrones are freaky.

These albino dragons gotta stop playing games??

Sunday night is reserved for GOT!


Except have sex with my brother.

Wanna go to a GOT rally?

I dressed up like a throne the other day.

I own a heavy metal belt. Just like the people in the mountains!

I was TOTALLY meant to live in Medieval Times.

Do you want to go to Medieval Times in Jersey this weekend?

I could bring my brother.

Horses need to stop dying on that show.

This game is sick!





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