Ways to Hide You’re An Inch Taller Than Your Boyfriend

By Jennie Sutton

Picture it; you’re on the red carpet, at a soiree, small claims court and… you’re… an inch… taller… than your boyfriend. How embarrassing! You’ve found the love of your life, a man who is one inch shorter than you. Don’t worry we all make mistakes. We’re here to help. Here are some fun, flirty ways to hide you’re an inch taller than your boyfriend because god forbid you reach anything that he can’t.



Gravity and poor posture are a woman’s best friends. Slouching is easy. Just bend your knees slightly and hunch your upper back like this:


Once you start slouching you will not believe all the attention coming your way! Not only will people say, “you okay?” They’ll also say, “you’re now the same height as your partner which still makes me uncomfortable because he’s not taller than you.”



It’s wedding season, you love those heels but omg they’ll make you three inches taller than your boyfriend! As the Australians say, “no.” Try these knife heels!

You still get to look trendy as the knives dig into the earth, grounding your chakras, bringing you into a slight backwards angle. Downside: you cannot physically move in them. Upside: you’re now an inch shorter than your boyfriend without major surgery. HOT!


Say you accidentally stabbed yourself with your knife heels, we’re not perfect. This will be great for you!

You’ve been carrying your boyfriend for 9 months, time for him to carry you, in a papoose. People would really have to do the math to know you’re an inch taller than him. Plus you can also wear a diaper. C’est Chic!

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