19 More Pokémon Movies Already In Development


The verdict is in: Audiences love Detective Pikachu! And now that Hollywood knows exactly how much nightmarish CGI moviegoers are willing to tolerate (more than Game of Thrones but less than Sonic), get ready for even more Pokémon fun with these 19 spinoffs already in development!


Sergeant Raichu

Promoted after evolving, your favorite furry friend from Detective Pikachu is now overweight and burdened with paperwork.


Police Commissioner Wheezing

The hard-nosed, chain-smoking police commissioner is given his own standalone film where he comes out of retirement for one last investigation into Team Rocket— even if it costs him the love of his long-suffering wife, Vaporeon.


Governor Margikarp

The unlikely story of a political romance between Seth Rogen and a fish.


Crossing Guard Kangaskhan

Will she sacrifice her sworn duty to protect the children in the crosswalk in order to save her own baby? Liam Neeson co-stars.


Firefighter Squirtle

A tragic and uplifting story of love and loss and turtles.


Arsonist Charmander

Despite his young age, the D.A. insists on prosecuting him as an adult Chameleon.


Emotionally Abusive Spouse Mr. Mime

Co-starring Meryl Streep.


Probably Delicious Snorlax

Would you eat him? Let’s find out!


War Criminal Clefairy

A gripping documentary about the atrocities committed by this piece of shit Pokémon.


Subway Masturbator Drowzee

I mean just look at him:

Undertaker Rogenrolla

Building Inspector Bonslee

Starbucks Barista Swasharoo

Gymnastics Instructor Ninjask

Honestly these are all C-list Pokémon, so you probably can’t even tell which one I made up.


Secret Police Informant Meowth

Asshole always looked like a narc.


Enhanced Interrogation Expert Blastoise

Ironically not a fan of waterboarding.


ACLU Lawyer Wigglytuff

Thank god this overweight aging twink comes to your defense in this gripping legal/historical drama a la “On the Basis of Sex.”


Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh

Audiences were stunned to learn that one of the most disgusting and repellant pocket monsters ever created would be getting his own movie.


Detective Pikachu 2

It’s just a sequel of the first one. Coming soon!

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