Meet Your 25 New Stock Contestants On “The Bachelorette”

flower roses red roses bloom
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  1. Attractive White Guy

  2. Attractive Black Guy

  3. Former Professional Athlete

  4. Guy That Might Not Be Here for the Right Reasons

  5. Jason B

  6. Jason D

  7. Jason F

  8. Jason Ke

  9. Jason Ky

  10. Guy that Just Looks Like Trouble

  11. Guy That Will Find a Reason to Take his Shirt Off

  12. ANOTHER White Guy

  13. Virgin

  14. Definitely on Steroids Guy

  15. Dental Hygienist

  16. Guy That’s Looking for Something Real

  17. The Only Asian Guy

  18. Actually Not Boring Guy

  19. Short Guy

  20. Guy with Troubled Past

  21. Guy with Catchphrase

  22. Guy That’s Not Here to Make Friends

  23. Canadian

  24. Guy That Didn’t Realize It Would Be This Hard

  25. Jason P


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