New Father John Misty Album – Tracklist


1. Every Dead End Is A Culdesac (Intro)

2. Keynesian Economics

3. Thunder Road Is Closed (For A Parade)

4. Sustainable Farming (We Are The Crops)

5. Love Is A Songbird, Time Is A Prison

6. What If God Were Evil? (Interlude)

7. Is It A Chickpea Or A Garbanzo Bean? (Make Up Your Mind, Socialists)

8. Compost

9. I Know The Answer But I’m Not Going To Tell You What It Is

10. The Assassination of Franz Ferdinand (The Band)

11. What If God Were A Woman? (Interlude)

12. Tortured Vines

13. Roy G Biv

14. What If God Were A Chestnut? (Interlude)

15. Oedipus Shmedipus

16. Jesus, The Carpenter (3 Star Yelp Review)

17. Love For Dummies

18. Copper Drinkware (How Many Oranges Died For Your Orange Juice?)

19. The Night Josh Tillman Bought A Ticket To An Off-Broadway Production Of Wicked And Discovered His Love For The Theater

20. Paisley

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