Tips To Make Summer Feel Like It’s Still Christmas

Photo by Tejas Prajapati on

By Casey McGowan

Has the hot summer weather got you down this year? Wish you still had that cozy feeling of playing cards with your grandparents on Christmas Eve? Don’t worry, I have gathered some tips to make this coming summer feel a little bit more like the greatest holiday of the year!

  1. Use Sunscreen (But instead of putting it on your body, go ahead and use it to build a snowman!)
  2. Keep the Air Conditioning On (And grab some little paper snowflakes and set them in front of the AC to make it look like it’s snowing!)
  3. Find a nice and quiet shady spot ( So you can call your parents and have them tell you stories about Christmas mornings from when you were little!)
  4. Find a good book to read on the beach ( Preferably ’Twas The Night Before Christmas’)
  5. Stay Hydrated (What better to keep you cool than a fresh glass of Eggnog?)
  6. Stay inside and watch a movie (A Charlie Brown Christmas isn’t gonna watch itself!)
  7. Take a Trip (Your Dad’s new girlfriend is dying to meet you!)

Merry Christmas! 🙂

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