Advice for Your Friend Going Through a Breakup When You’ve Been Mentally Absent Her Entire Relationship

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He sucks.

Now you can focus on yourself.

The first cut is the deepest.

It’ll get better with time.

What you need is a girls’ night.

God, he sucks.

Have you tried meditating?

The right guy is out there.

Are you sure you’ve never meditated?

Listen, he really sucks.

Let me send you some links about meditation.

He wasn’t even that hot.

Kundalini meditation seriously changed my life.

He made his bed. Now he’s gotta lie in it.

You gotta get back on that horse.

He’s gonna wake up tomorrow and realize what a mistake he made.

I mean, seriously, he really sucks.

What a piece of work.

The grass is always greener…

He doesn’t deserve you anyway.

You gotta let him know that he barked up the wrong tree.

Meditate, then call me.

You should fuck his dad.

Oh, you broke up with him? No, yeah, I knew that…

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