Wow! This incredibly Hot Woman Didn’t Wear Makeup And Still Got A Date

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So many celebrities like Kaitlin Bristowe and Kylie Jenner have embraced the no makeup trend in order to promote being true to yourself and not needing makeup to love themselves. This week a Brooklyn resident, Natasha Jamison, got in on the fun and surprisingly she still was able to get asked out 7 times that day.

Natasha is an Instagram model and part time erotic yoga teacher and decided to not wear makeup today because she said she “want to feel like a real woman and not all made up and fake.” Her friends and family applauded her bravery and stood by this big decision. Within her friend group she is described as, “so hot she makes me feel bad about myself” and “the prettiest within the group” and “nice enough”

In the morning instead of putting on her two-hour cucumber face peel and then her mascara, lipliner, eyeliner, fake eyelashes, lip injections, lip gloss etc, she chose instead a simple moisturizer and no makeup. She documented this full journey on social media.

When she got out of her apartment in Williamsburg, she was immediately asked on a date by a local street performer who read her tarot cards for free and said she was fated to have great sex. The performer, Big Red, 23, said he was not put off by her not wearing makeup and instead it “made her look even more beautiful and out of his league.”

Then surprisingly enough Natasha got asked out again in the 6-hour line she was standing in for the new organic pink cold brew popup shop. This time by Patrick, 24, an entrepreneur and coffee enthusiast. To this date, Natasha enthusiastically said yes and they spent the rest of the 6-hour line getting to know each other and laughing about their mutual love of good for the environment coffee drinks.

By the end of the day Natasha felt tired from showing the world her real face, but at the same time she felt very brave. She amazingly was still attractive to the opposite sex without her makeup, and at the end of the day that’s all that mattered.


  1. I have never once been asked on a date despite a full set of makeup every day… do you think this may be due to the fact I am a teabag and lack human-esqe qualities such as a face or a soul?

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