Currently Popular Boy Names As Slang In The Year 2029

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“stan – a crazed or obsessed fan. The term comes from the song Stan by Eminem” – Urban Dictionary

  1. oliver (adj.) – short for “all of her,” in particular when used by men to refer to women. Example: “I took oliver ideas and presented them as my own in the board meeting.” 
  2. jaxon (v.) – to avoid taking responsibility for a problem, despite the fact that you could definitely take concrete steps to improve the situation. Example: “The state senator totally jaxoned that abortion debate in Alabama because he’s up for re-election.”
  3. grayson (adj.) – characterized by an outdated view of gender roles in society. Example: “My dad’s belief that I should quit my job to raise my kids full time was some grayson nonsense.”
  4. jayden (adj.) – completely depleted of energy, particularly in the struggle for basic rights. Example: “I would write another letter to my representative, but what’s the point? I’m so jayden with the establishment right now.”
  5. arlo (v.) – to correct in a condescending way, even if the statement is not accurate. Example: “Even though I’m his boss, Bob still felt the need to arlo me in that meeting and claim that our quarterly numbers were up.”
  6. ashton (n.) – a measure of quantity that is exceedingly large, especially despair or frustration. Example: “How much more does my male co-worker make than me, even though I have better qualifications and experience? An ashton.”
  7. liam (n.) – the least known of a group of siblings. Example: “North West is such a liam. Chicago and Psalm are everywhere lately.”
  8. noah (adj.) – modifier that indicates positivity if the person who hears the sentence is male, but otherwise negates the word. Example: “She said there was noah chance in hell that she was interested, so I asked her for her number again, bro.” 
  9. bran (v.) – to stumble into a job for which you are horribly underqualified. Example: “The intern from the mailroom just branned his way up to CEO.”
  10. colton (adj.) – wanton, specifically in cases that involve firearms (especially those manufactured by Colt). Example: “The school shooter showed colton disregard for his classmates’ lives.”

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