Fun Date Ideas For The Summer Fling You’re Going To Dump In September

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Now that it’s summer, it’s the perfect time to find someone to go to the beach with, bring to rooftop BBQs, and just all-around distract you from your long-standing commitment issues. Yes, it’s time for a light, careless, sexually motivated, casual relationship with a summer fling! Here are some great ideas for dates to take your special someone on before you heartlessly dump them via text come fall daylight savings time. 

Go to a concert

There’s no better summer activity than a concert! The music is good, the day drinking is socially acceptable, and the tickets weren’t THAT expensive. Plus, you don’t need to have deep, long conversations with your new fling about your parents OR your childhood traumas because the music is so loud! Really all you need is a shared appreciation for Blink-182 and some body glitter. 

Hit the beach 

It’s time we all stopped lying to ourselves: beach bodies are a real thing and you’re ready to show yours off! Grab a sandy, threadbare towel and head to your local, overcrowded beach with your new summer “bae”. He’s hot, you’re.. hot enough, and honestly, you’ve been waiting 10 cold winter months to find someone to wear a speedo in front of your dozen closest friends. Like the water you’ll wade into in a skimpy string bikini that practically shouts, “someone FINALLY wants to bang me,” you’re shallow. And that’s okay. 

Watch an outdoor movie

This is the perfect cheap and easy date—just like you! Head to your local park for an outdoor movie night with a bottle of wine and some blankets! As you cuddle up under the stars and kiss by the soft glow of the screen, realize that you don’t know what color your new boyfriend’s eyes are or even what movie is playing. Is it French? Who cares, because you’re shamelessly hooking up in public. It’s summer, c’est la vie!

Go on a spontaneous road trip

Here’s the thing: you had a free weekend and he invited you to head up to Maine for some bike rides and hiking. You weren’t going to say NO to that, were you? A spontaneous road trip is the perfect summer date because it requires almost no planning, just like how you’re approaching this short-term relationship. 

Adopt a puppy together! 

Wait.. what? No, no, no. You can’t make long-term PLANS with this guy! Yes, the puppy in the pet store window had sad eyes and you caved under the cuteness-factor, but this isn’t the person you’re supposed to be doing this with. For Pete’s sake, you don’t even know his middle name! Shared custody of a dog isn’t something you have time to deal with right now, especially with September right around the corner. 

Sigh and think through your options. I guess now that you impulsively bought a shared French Bulldog named Jennifer Aniston (because who doesn’t like pets named after celebrities?) you might as well throw in the towel and marry this dude. Damn. 

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