Inspiring! This Nike Ad Features Courageous Women Over-Watering House Plants

Photo by Ylanite Koppens on

A new ad from Nike features super courageous, brave ass women over-watering the crap out of houseplants. 

Like other standard Nike ads, it showcases amazing and inspiring women doing amazing and inspiring things. But in this case, the inspiring thing these women are doing is totally drenching a series of houseplants, including an Asparagus Fern, succulent terrarium (we’re pretty sure those things don’t need any water at all! You go Susan!), and the biggest rubber plant your eyeballs have ever seen.

In addition, the women drowning these poor plants are super diverse. There’s a Muslim woman watering a Yucca plant, an Asian woman watering a Spider plant, and a straight white cis man trying to water an Aloe plant but mostly just spilling water all over the floor. Wow!

“I’ve never felt so seen in my entire life,” said Addison Watkins, a woman from New Jersey who saw the ad during the evening news yesterday and hasn’t stopped watering her Ponytail Palm since. 

“I just feel so empowered. When women stick together and make a real mess by trying to drag the garden hose into the living room to water the Philodendron, that’s when real change happens,” Watkins added.

However, some women said they didn’t feel represented by the ad.

“Look, I get the message. That’s great and all, but the problem I have with the ad is that Begonias really don’t belong inside,” said Philadelphia resident Paula Curtin. “It stunts their growth, everyone knows that.”

Nike declined to comment for this article.

Watkins said she has since bought dozens more house plants that she spends all day over-watering. 

“They die so fast so I have to keep buying more,” she said gleefully. “Because of all the water, you know. I’ve never felt like such a feminist in my entire life.”

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