I Regret Leaving My Position As Train Conductor After Seeing Other Conductors Hit People With Their Trains

Photo by RAJAT JAIN on Pexels.com

When I hit some people with my train, I knew my career was over. It’s one of our most important rules as train conductors: not to maul people with trains.

However, after a few years of retrospection, I regret turning in my blue conductor’s hat and ticket puncher. Other train conductors have done way worse than I and got away with it.

Many conductors in my company have hit and even killed several people with their trains with little to no recourse. In fact, the train conductor on the Delaware line has maimed several people with his train, but he is still one of the most popular candidates for Head of the Railroad. The current Head, himself, has killed countless people with his train over the years. Yet only I, the conductor that maimed eight people, have suffered consequences.

I feel guilty about my actions, but feel I am the victim, railroaded by my fellow conductors. Literally. They took my train and left me on the railroad.

The eight people that I maimed are still alive, although they no longer have legs. But doesn’t some of the blame fall on them? They were near the track and wanted photos with my train. One of the people I hit is notoriously pro-airline, and was probably looking to make trains a less popular travel option.

Conductors continue to hit people with their trains every day and keep their jobs. And maiming isn’t nearly as bad as killing! Those eight legless people can have full and fruitful lives, making money off the one time I hit them with my train.

There is a sad tale to tell here, and it’s mine, two full years after I left the railroad business. Because, in retrospect, I could have totally stuck it out.

If there is anyone to blame, it’s the New York train conductor for forcing me into resignation. Yes, she has not hit anyone with her train, but I was a much more popular conductor.

The New York conductor will never be Head of the Railroad because fact is, people miss how I collected their tickets. Even if I mauled some people with my train.

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