TV Shows I Assume Are On CBS Right Now

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You love shows about doctors and about law enforcement, now watch them at the same time with CBS’s own smash hit, Medical Examiners.

Watch the show that everyone is talking about, Brave Valor. The men of the Valor Initiative are an elite team of specially trained navy seals who specialize in missions classified as three-alarm risk, but what are they missing back home while they are away? This unflinching and gritty drama has absolutely no curse words.

You loved him in the mid-80s until the mid-90s, well now he’s back and ready to defend, so prepare yourself for the Matlock reboot. This ain’t your father’s Matlock, this Matlock is played by David Boreanaz and he’s smoking hot.

Laugh along with the comedy smash, Smith-sonian. When high school junior, Jared Smith, is forced to help his elderly father run their family museum, hijinx ensue. Starring an obviously 30-year-old actor and an elderly comic legend, this show is somehow the no. 1 comedy in America.

America’s Next Acapella Star is about more than singing, it’s about who will be America’s next musical obsession. Join Pentatonix’s own Scott Hoying and Michael Ian Black as they separate the a capella wannabees from the got-to-sees every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday…also every other Friday.

This fall, Mark-Paul Gosselaar plays Doc in Doc. He’s the only doctor in Baltimore that has no medical degree. They would fire him but he is the best ER doctor they have ever had. Come on, watch 40 minutes of this with your mom when you are visiting for Thanksgiving.

In Los Angeles, the only thing hotter than the weather is the women, but the ladies of the morgue prefer to keep it cool, just like their slabs. Make sure to catch Jennifer Love Hewitt and Charisma Carpenter on Medical Examiners: Los Angeles.

And Big Brother? Apparently?

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