It’s The 22nd Anniversary Of The Harrison Ford Kinda-Classic Air Force One And For Some Reason That Merits 6,000 Words About The Movie?

It’s been 22 years since the Harrison Ford-helmed film Air Force One, and we just watched it again in 2019 and you know what? That shit holds up! We were perfectly entertained the whole time!

So I talked to my editor and she was like “great, give me 6,000 words about it and we will contact every person alive who worked on the movie and that will be most of our content for the next week.” So, here I am, spending way too much time talking to you about the movie Air Force One instead of covering, oh I don’t know, an original 2019 movie.

In case you never saw this movie because it’s from 1997 and not that important, Harrison Ford plays the friggin’ President of the United States who’s aboard Air Force One when Air Force One gets HIJACKED by BAD GUYS! And then President Harrison Ford has to — wait for it — save the day!

And I’m sure you’re sitting there thinking “huh, was Air Force One even an original ’90s movie? Or was it more like… a knockoff of Die Hard but on a plane?” And the answer is that we don’t care and we’re writing this article either way!

Clark Flark, sometimes-working Hollywood set designer, had a lot to say about working on the not-iconic-but-starring-the-iconic-Harrison-Ford film. “The movie takes place on a plane basically the whole time, so that was ‘easy enough’ or whatever.” And what about those few scenes that took place not on a plane? “Uh, we handled it, I think there was a scene on, like, a military base I think? So I looked at a few pictures of those. Voila… set designed. This is definitely the most boring movie I worked on.” Fascinating stuff! I’m sure you don’t regret clicking on this!

And how about the villains in this movie? Those guys who hijacked the plane sure were villainous! We think they were Russian, but honestly we don’t feel like fact-checking that. The thing about these villains is that Gary Oldman plays one of them! How tight is that? Well, Gary Oldman thinks it was kinda tight, commenting, “I do not regret that film. A completely fine entry in my filmography.” And if you squint just right, Gary Oldman as a Russian Villain Guy in Air Force One is almost as good as Alan Rickman as a German Villain Guy in Die Hard. Did we mention that this movie is kind of like Die Hard, but in the air? 

And what does the man, the myth, the LEGEND Harrison Ford have to say about the anniversary of Air Force One? “I love planes, so I guess that movie’s alright.” Absolutely groundbreaking information in this here article! Thank you so much for reading, and make sure to check us out next week when we publish “Can You Believe It’s Been 19 Years Since Dude, Where’s My Car? Came Out? I Guess We Can Believe It!”

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