2019’s Hottest Locations For Scattering Your Grandma’s Ashes In NYC

Photo by Reynaldo #brigworkz Brigantty on Pexels.com

The beach, a scenic mountain top, the secluded lake by their cabin in upstate New York. These are great places to scatter the remains of your lovely Grandma…if you’re a basic ass bitch. 2019 is all about finding the chicest, trendiest places to dump the charred remains of your loved ones. You loved your Grandma, but let’s be honest, she wouldn’t know cool if it bit her in the ass. Do her the courtesy of laying her to rest in one of these hip NYC locales.     

  1. Momofuku Milk Bar
  2. An unassuming diner in Queens that is low key cool that only locals and cool people who live in Brooklyn know about 
  3. MoMA PS 1
  4. A Butoh performance in Church that doubles as an avant-garde dance space 
  5. The John Varvatos store that used to be CBGB’s
  6. The Chipotle that used to be Electric Circus 
  7. An artist squat above a glue factory in Bushwick 
  8. An artist squat above a dumpling factory in Bushwick 
  9. Anywhere in Chinatown 
  10. Beacon’s Closet, Greenpoint location 
  11. The corner of Prince and Greene in Soho, by the Apple store 
  12. In a hand rolled cigarette of a Cooper Union student with blue hair 
  13. The basement of Bossa Nova on a night when the fog machine is really out of control 
  14. A comedy open mic at a bar anywhere in Brooklyn, as long as it is clear nobody is enjoying it at all (this won’t be hard to find) 
  15. Any Blue Bottle location 
  16. The Madewell on N 7th and Bedford Ave in Williamsburg 
  17. The Spotted Pig 
  18. Anywhere featured on the first New York episode of No Reservations 
  19. Momofuku Noodle Bar
  20. The Statue of Liberty (it’s actually super cool) 

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