Incomparable Similes

Photo by Anthony on

He was a stubborn boy, unwilling to submit, like a like a grape at the bottom of a fruit salad bowl squirming from its fork-captor.

The door squealed, like a young piglet coming to the realization that its owner had a very specific plan for its future.

She was not one to admit her faults, like a modern-day OJ Simpson.

The men pulled at the rope with all their strength, digging their feet in like an uncaring boyfriend refusing to see his partner’s side of the argument.

The rollercoaster twisted and turned, rose and fell, like a person’s emotions while in an unstable relationship.

The dog chased after her owner’s ball with the enthusiasm of an aimless, young-twenties male entering a bar on a Saturday night who had no explanation for his excitement, but also no shortage of it.

Duos batted the yellow tennis ball back and forth over the net in a volley seemingly as endless as a Facebook argument between a formerly-sheltered college freshman at a West Coast liberal arts school and her alcoholic uncle who refused to believe that the reason everyone online seemed to dislike him was his own doing.

A couple kissed on the sidewalk, pulling back and looking longingly into each other’s eyes, unable to let go of each other like a sock on the back of a new pair of sweatpants exiting an overly-static dryer.

A large, orange ball bounced across the pavement before slowing to a steady roll, like the energy levels at a house party when a group of friends prepare to go out on the town and then realize they’d rather stay inside, order pizza and get a good night’s sleep.

She held her breath firmly, her cheeks clutching the air within like a bag of chips that was far too large for the amount of chips that it held.

The group sat in a circle, passing the item clockwise, like hands on a clock as time ticks by.

He felt stuck, unsure of what to do next but unable to move, like a boy who’d been lost in a shopping mall by his mother and remembered only her instructions to stay put so she could find him there.

Her beauty was indescribable.

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