Six Ways To Beat The Heat This Summer!

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Summer’s in full swing.  And with one stifling heat-wave behind us and the dog days of August ahead of us, here are some great ways you can stay cool for what’s left of our favorite season!  

  1. ICE TRAYS! I know, duh, ICE!  Like you didn’t think of that, but hear me out — nothing cools you down quicker than a nice iced beverage.  Be it iced coffee or iced tea  or even just plain-old-iced-gin, you’ll be feeling refreshed in no time! Get creative, load your ice trays with sliced strawberries, cucumber or pineapple. I end every hot day with a huge glass of iced whiskey and I’ve never felt more numb… to the heat!
  2. AN AIR CIRCULATOR! Right, a fan, why who wouldn’t think of that? But it’s more than just a fan, it moves the air in your apartment, the cool and hot mix together to make the indoor atmosphere ideal. And I’m speaking from personal experience here. Now, I don’t lay awake in bed each night, cursing the heat. No, now I wallow in a comfortable temperature, cursing every decision I’ve ever made. The air circulator is a real game changer! 
  3. GET OUT OF TOWN! Recharge and cool down with a weekend getaway to your friends’ cabin in the woods! Go ahead, reconnect with a college buddy, reassure them they you are not using them for their parents’ cabin in Vermont. In fact, since that fateful day in the student union, you’ve never stopped thinking about them… And don’t forget the bug spray!
  4. THE MOVIES! From Spiderman to the Lion King to Quentin Tarantino’s latest, the dead of summer is the perfect time to disappear into a movie theater. And I mean disappear. You can catch the early matinee (some theaters start showings as early as 10am!) and hop from movie to movie, like the phantom of the opera but for a movie theater. No will notice you because you’re completely unnoticeable. And best of all the AC will be cranking, so don’t forget your sweater! 
  5. THE BEACH! We are lucky enough to live in a city surrounded by water and what better way to cool down than to take a day trip to the beach! Grab your umbrella and towel; hop on that A train all down to the Rockaways. Set up camp and then head into the surf and keep going, all the way out, until your head sinks just below the horizon…
  6. DEATH! You’re dead and so refreshed!

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