I’m Not A Normal Bride, I’m A Bride With A Quirky Wedding Registry

Photo by Irina Iriser on Pexels.com

by Catherine Weingarten

Hiiii, I’m engaged! I know you’re freaking out and I am too. Literally the best thing in the world has happened to ME and I’d love for you to help me celebrate! When I met Trip on Bumble, I truly never thought this day would come and that one day I would get to wear my lace wedding dress with a 15 foot train sewn by my late grandmother who died sewing it ( she kept asking for breaks and I said no!) and Trip would get to wear his bee-themed Bumble-inspired bow tie.

But before you buy me anything for this momentous occasion, let’s just get one thing clear-I’m not going to be a normal bride, I’m totally gunna be a quirky bride with a super manic pixie dream girl registry. I know you all think of me as little old Jenny who is a project manager and wears big glasses, but this wedding is my one chance to fulfill my childhood dream — of being quirky!

Please peruse the list below and if you try to get me a fricking pan or a hand sewn pillow with ducks on it, I will claw your eyes out! Can’t wait to see you all at my glamorous August wedding in a tree house in Florida! Gunna be so hot, literally and figuratively 😉

Anthropologie cloud-themed vegan tea set, $250

This tea set is made from all vegan clay and has adorable illustrations of clouds making out. My hubby Trip and I have been lusting for so long so we can have a daily, quiet afternoon tea ceremony to reflect on our love and the gift that is the earth. If you didn’t already know, Trip is a writer so quiet time is especially important to him and his brilliant mind.

Teacup Pig, $750

Trip and I are looking to start a family but we wanna start small LOL! Instead of being boring and getting some typical pet like a pug, we’d love to get our own cute little teacup pig! Note: if you buy this gift please provide an intended name for our teacup pig that preferably is the name of a Greek God. With this registry item, please also buy the Teacup Pig Farmer vintage themed playpen for $200.

Complete Works of Shakespeare in French, $75

We don’t actually speak French, but Trip has a great French accent he likes to try for no reason when we go out on dinners with friends! If you get us this special gift, it includes a free hangout where you come over and Trip and I reenact our favorite scenes from Romeo and Juliet in French! So hot right!

Private showing with a local magician, $1000

OK I know this is a little #quirky but I loveeee magic! It’s like how do they do it!? Instead of buying us some boring fridge, I would love to be able to have a real live magician to our new apartment and have him make me disappear into a washing machine or something.

Authentic Owl featured in the Harry Potter Books, $1000+

You don’t actually have to buy the owl (maybe just get him on loan?) but I want to recreate that moment where you’re lying on the bed and an owl appears telling you to go to Hogwarts! How quirky would that be!?

Bottle of Tears from Trip’s ex-girlfriend Viola who regrets that she lost Trip to me, Price:??

I think this tear bottle would look adorable in the TV room near our engagement pics of us painting each other with fair trade chocolate! DM me for Viola’s address.


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