Recommended Summer Reading

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A riveting novel written in lyrical, vivid prose, about the ways that we fasten metal pieces together. 

A story about relationships in the internet age, written as a biting satire. A delicate hair trigger system will cause the book to snap shut when the readers turn onto the one hundred and fiftieth page, trapping their hands in a fierce grip.

A shocking exposé of the CIA, written in pungent prose. The book stinks.

A luminous, moving memoir about a precocious yet troubled adolescence in rural Oklahoma, presented with an LED-lit spine and motorized legs.

A tale of immigration to America in the early 20th century, with vividly drawn characters (illustrated).

An electric debut novel from a major new talent. Available on the Kindle store.

A spy thriller that is impossible to put down. A layer of extra strong double-sided tape on the front cover binds the hands to the surface of the book.  

A brilliantly inventive effort. Nathaniel Hawthorne meets Thomas Pynchon. They form a comedy duo and tour the world in this time traveling epic.

A sprawling novel about Renaissance Venice, centering on an eccentric sculptor, with unbound pages. 

A searing indictment of book reviewing, meticulously researched.

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