Amazing Podcast Ideas No Producer Could Ever Turndown

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The podcast industry is booming. With companies like Spotify getting into the game, it is the perfect time to look around a room at your friends and think, “who would compliment my wit and vocal power on microphone.” So grab that friend or five since there can never be enough people talking at once and check out these ideas below that are sure to get you Serial-level listenership in probably just two episodes. 

Excellent podcast pitches every editor, producer, or friend with a laptop could never turn down: 

  1. Still Untitled is a podcast where me and my friends chat about the news, pop culture, and how hard it is to date as a man in the era of ‘me too’. Our friends think we are super funny so we never edit down any of our conversations, we just let it ride naturally. One guy on the ‘cast has a pretty decent Instagram following so anyone on the pod or who works with us is for sure going to get amazing exposure. We are looking specifically for an unpaid intern who can like edit the show together with music and stuff because we all work full time jobs and don’t have time for that. Also we bought one nice microphone and just share it so it’s sure to sound great. 
  2. I Started a Business and You Can Too podcast is an interview show that talks to industry leaders in my somewhat relevant mid-sized city. I talk to mostly fellow men about how they used seed money their parents gave them after completing a bachelor’s degree that cost next to nothing back in the 70s. We cover their successes and their hardships, like when they had to live with more than one roommate for a whole year before they sold their idea one of their dad’s friends who already had a large company. It’s a winding road out there for the entrepreneur so listen in. Oh, we also include a token women at least once every fifteen episodes. And we always ask her, “So what’s it like being a woman in business? How do you balance it all?” 
  3. No Limits is a podcast about how I quit my job in corporate America to travel the world and the things I learned along the way. Every week it’s just me sharing my advice, adventures, and tips for how you can also leave the daily grind to find yourself. I will never actually tell you how much money I had saved up from working at Goldman Sachs but it was enough to travel around the world for 12 months and still come back to my New York penthouse. And if I can do it, so can you. So get your elephant print yoga pants ready that you bought in Southeast Asia, and tune in to my hour and half diatribe of privilege. 
  4. Almost Joe Rogan podcast is an interview show where I talk to my friends like they are celebrities. I hope to one day get as big as Joe Rogan so I can book celebs on the show, maybe even talk to Joe himself. I do almost no research, I never question people on their ideas or ideologies, and I love having on right-wing conspiracy theorists as they make for such interesting guests.
  5. True Crime, No Journalism is a podcast that explores the deeply complex Justice System through interesting cases that we, as amateurs with no research background, can crack. Myself and my-co host have been friends since childhood and never left our hometown, but we watch a lot of CSI. Together we will tackle some of the biggest cases in history and wildly speculate about who really committed these crimes. We will talk through every detail, attempt to interview suspects, and for sure be deeply unprofessional and emotionally manipulative to fit the narrative we want to see by the end of the show. Join us as we crack case after case in what is sure to leave you deeply disturbed. 

And there you have it. A list chock-full of ideas that you can for sure sell to a large network, or get big advertising dollars from Casper Mattresses. Also, don’t bother buying fancy recording devices, just use your iPhone. Heck, that girl who tried for just five episodes got a whole write up in the New York Times. Who says you need years of audio editing practice, hundreds of dollars of equipment, and a full staff to make great podcasts? No one! Pod on, good people. 

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